With my rugby playing days behind me I decided to turn my attention to body building. Last month I entered my first body building shows. It has been an accumulation of around 12 months of dedicated training but more realistically two years of general focus. The first show in Gravesend, The Kent Klassic I entered Men’s Physique which is aimed at fitness models. The following week I went to Leicester for the East Of England Championships where I entered the Novice Body Builders category.

It was an amazing journey to get into shape to compete, the on stage experience was even better. I didn’t place in Gravesend as was undersized and had a more body building look over fitness model. In Leicester I was up against some big guys as the novice category is not weight based. I was happy with my condition being at around 4% fat but way too small once again. The reaction of other people has also been an interesting part of this experience. The photos seem to be quite polarising. I will write more on this in future articles.

Photos from Gravesend – Men’s Physique

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Some photos from Leicester – Novice Body Builders Category –





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