Rugby is a strength sport. Stronger athletes are faster, push with more force and dominate their opponents. Like most areas of rugby conditioning it is poorly applied by most coaches.

Strength training is fairly simple – Do an exercise that induces fatigue between 1 – 10 reps then stand around until the muscles have recovered and repeat. Yet you rarely see this format used in rugby sessions. It is always about doing lots of reps in some kind of circuit. That is basically aerobic training and not strength training. Kettle bells are becoming more popular in sessions yet they are still used in this way.

The video today shows some strength exercises and then footage of it being performed in training. As you will see the majority of players are completely missing adequate strength to perform effectively on the rugby field. This will be the same of most players at most clubs. Take a look at this video which is a small segment of the strength training module in the Fitness Victory Formula


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