In this day and age fitness gimmicks are all the rage and often people train as much to look good on social media as anything else. I stumbled on a great video of Fiji using some old school rugby fitness methods. While the science of athletic preparation and rugby fitness in particular has come on leaps and bounds the basics of intelligent, targeted hard work still remain. Too often players at all levels look for a clever trick or focus on lifting weights at the expense of fitness conditioning work.

In the video below you can see they are doing anaerobic based intervals. The two biggest mistakes with rugby fitness at amateur level is not actually doing any fitness consistently across the year and making everything aerobic based. This is contrary to the actual demands of rugby where you must also develop anaerobic power alongside aerobic. So check out the video to see some nice anaerobic work. This reminds me of when I helped Northlands Rugby Province in Fiji >>>


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