My new book is out!!! You can get a copy of  The Grand Unified Theory of Weight Loss in paperback or on the kindle here;

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The title is inspired from Physics and their search for a Grand Unified Theory to explain everything. What if the same could be applied to weight loss and changing your body?
The theory explains why most people struggle to get results, why a method works for one person but not another and why it is so hard to maintain results. It addresses the psychology of weight loss including motivation, stress and your habitual programming as well as identifying the most effective nutrition and exercise strategies for your body. The book provides a roadmap for success where all else has failed.

I’m very happy with how the book has come out and though it is written for anyone it will definitely help any rugby player who reads it to get results. It has applications for rugby coaches as well so that you can gain a new perspective on why your players may struggle with fitness and how to work around these issues. I will have more on the book in due course.


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