Swedish Rugby fitness programme РPhase 1 April РJuly 08

I have prepared a programme for you to follow which will take you
up until your mid season break in July (I think it is July).

As the people on this list vary greatly in fitness and in terms of experience
I have produced two programmes.

One for people who cannot run a sub 30 minute 10 km and / have not done
weight training continuously over the last 12 months and another
for those who can run 5 km in under 30 minutes and have been lifting
weights these last 12 months.

The programmes are similar though and focus upon developing your aerobic
fitness, sprint speed and functional strength for rugby:

Download the Beginner programme(cannot run 5 km in sub 30 minutes / have
not continuously done weight training for 12 months)>>>>

Download the intermediate programme (sub 30 minute 5 km, 12 months continuous
weights training experience)>>>>>

If you want a programme more personalised to you then you should contact
me with what you are looking for and data for your current dead
lift one rep max, vertical jump,5 km time as well as sprint speeds
of either 100m or 400m.


Be Faster on the field

Strength >>

Dominate with muscle

Body Transformation

Lean & Ripped