Rugby Fitness Training: A 12 Month Conditioning Programme

This was the review of my book in Rugby World Magazine when it came out

“He’s a conditioning specialist, personal trainer and a ‘keen’ public speaker. But is Ben Wilson’s book any good? Well, it’s certainly thorough. The London based Wilson starts with the basics – the mechanics of the body – and provides plenty of theory before getting on to the sections most likely to interest readers: training exercises and how to design your own programme. Each exercise (the double-leg zigzag hop sounds tricky) is illustrated and details the technique needed as well as common mistakes. How many of you recognise this one: When going on a run, don’t go too slowly for most of the run and then sprint at the end. Wilson believes an increased focus on increased personal fitness among aspiring rugby players has not been accompanied by the necessary knowledge on how to do it. There are no excuses now.”


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