Weight training circuit

If you are wondering which of the different types of weight training is the best then why not combine them all into a session and see for yourself! The real answer is neither of course, as it is about how you structure them over time using periodzation but this session below is fun, try it:

Perform two sets for each exercise and keep the rest at a minute between each set. The workout should be short and sharp.

Warm up

Clean and press with barbell (power)*              2 X 8 reps*
Power press (strength)                                  2 X 5 rep
Squat jump with dumbbell (Power)*                 2 X 8 reps *
Seated bench press (hypertrophy)                   2 X 15 reps**
Bent over row barbell (strength)                      2 x 5 reps
1 leg squat (functional)                                 2 X 12 reps
Cable twist (functional)                                 2  X 12 reps
Leg extension / leg curl (hypetrophy)               2 X 15 reps**
Endurance circuit – 60 sec per exercises –
Press ups, Squat jumps, bar pull ups (use bar on smith machine), Lunge jumps, Cable twists – As many reps as you can do within the minute.

* Do not use maximal weight, use slightly less than you oculd handle maximally.

** ake each set to complete failure.

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