Ben Wilson joins the Swedish national rugby coaching set up.

As author of Rugby fitness training: A twelve month conditioning programme I have been looking for a team conditioning role to apply my cutting edge strategies. This has lead to me becoming fitness advisor to the Northlands rugby province in Fiji. I have been providing the team with a full conditioning routine in preparations for next years Sanyo cup. However I was still looking for a role working with players face to face.

I am pleased to announce that I have found this position as I have taken a role as the assistant coach and National director of fitness for the Swedish rugby union.

Sweden are currently ranked 38th in the world and sitting top of division 3A in the European leagues (effectively the 5th international division in europe if the Six nations is division 1).

My role and goal is to help the national team attain a level of fitness in order for them to qualify for the next world cup.

My blue print for success

I will be working with the team on selected national training weekends when I fly in from London. Outside this I will use email contact and the establishment of set structures and training plans.

In order for the team to achieve success I will be looking to implement the following plan to push them up the world rankings.

Stage 1:

  • Testing of the players to establish current fitness levels and movement patterns
  • Analysis of the results and design of global elite player training plan
  • Basic education of training / periodization techniques with nutrition and psychological strategies for long term success and personal improvements.

Stage 2:

  • Establish specific personal conditioning routines to develop each elite player.
  • Create global fitness training plans available for all players within the Swedish rugby union structure.
  • Create set training programmes for use within team sessions to increase the fitness levels throughout every club with the union.

Stage 3:

  • Further refine elite level players with more advanced techniques.
  • Establish Academy structure and high minimum standards to ensure long term development of players in line for 2015 rugby world cup and beyond.
  • Continue to enhance global standard within the individual clubs by working with the club and regional coaches.

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