An example Sprint training workout.

Rugby success is greatly influenced by sprinting speed. For maximum sprinting speed you need to focus on various factors. At the base of speed is a strong core and an efficient posture. With this established you can focus on developing both your fast and slow speed strength. The final bit of the jig-saw is ensuring you have both the metabolic conditioning and neuromuscular co-ordination to sprint fast.

As you can read in my article on Sprint training various definitions and elements of speed make up what someone would describe a ‘fast’ rugby player. This includes your agility.

I provide here a simple conditioning routine which focuses on establishing an anaerobic base and also gently touches on more specific Rugby distances. The key to ultimate performance is not how you do any one sessions because even the sessions below will stop being beneficial within a few weeks. To avoid this happening you must understand the principles of periodization.

A Base conditioning Sprint session.

This type of sessions would be used early pre season or as an maintenance sessions in season depending on your current fitness abilities.

Warm up

Active stretching
Sprint drills

Main session:

1 X 400m
1 X 300m
1 X 200m
1 X 100m
2 X 50m
3 X 25m

4 minutes between long sprints (over 100m) and 2 minutes for shorter sprints (less that 100m).


Supplement with Agility training and plyometrics for best impact on your rugby performance.

What next?

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