My trip to South America

On Saturday I am off to South America for a month. It is going to be a fantastic
trip. Read about the local foods I will be eating and the great
places where I can do some exercise.

Brazil – Rio de Janeiro

Rio is one of the most breath taking cities I have ever visited and I cannot wait
to go back. The city is right on the beach front and after work
you will see 10 000 plus people on the beach.

Local dish – Feijoada

This is a stew of beans with various beef and pork products. It’s origins come
from Africa. It is prepared with black turtle beans, with a variety
of salted pork and beef products such as salted pork trimmings (ears,
tail, feet), bacon, smoked pork ribs, at least two types of smoked
sausage and jerked beef (loin and tongue).

Exercise – Run along copacabana beach

With miles of beach and 30c plus temperatures it is perfect for stretching the
legs and jogging the beach front. In the neighboring Ipanema beach
there is a 10km lap around the lake. Perfect running conditions.

Brazil  – Iguazu

After Rio we will be heading to the amazing Iguazu falls where I could have a
quick swim for exercise. Though looking at the picture below maybe
I should take a day off and admire the views…….far safer!.

Argentina – Buenos aires

Argentina as a country has everything from beaches to glaciers. Sadly I only
have time to visit the capital and enjoy the sites it has to offer.

Food – Churrasco or matambre

Matambre is a beef dish from Argentina. Of an Italian style, it is a rolled,
flank steak filled with vegetables, eggs and herbs that is then
boiled or oven-roasted. The other main dish is Churrrasco (See uruguay

Exercise – Jogging the down the long avenues

As the picture shows below with long straight streets it will be an easy and fun
jog each morning to keep me in good shape.

Uruguay – Montevideo

I have never been to Uruguay before and don’t quite know what to expect. A country
based on it’s farming heritage it seems to have a bit of everything.

Food – Churrasco

Uruguayans probably consume more beef than any other people in the world. Churrasco
(grilled steak) is said to be the national dish. The dish has many
offering of meat as well as steak

Exercise – Horse riding

Uruguay is famed for it gauchos, who are real life Cowboys. Though I am
not quite up to that standard yet a leisurely ride on a horse may
be better suited for some exercise.

Chile – Santiago

Santiago is at the foot hills of the Andes and it makes a striking back drop.
These views must rank as one of the best sites I saw when I visited
South America two years ago.

Food -Curanto

Curanto is a stew that combines seafood, meat and vegetables. Another popular
meal is beef steak with chips and eggs. Pebre, a hot sauce, is eaten
with meat dishes, and bean and corn chowder (porotos granados).

Exercise – Walking in the Andes

As the photo shows the Andes are high and steep. This will allow me to get some
good exercise by visiting a local hill village or walking up a peak.

Bolivia – La paz

The highest capital city in the world Lap paz is over 3000 foot high
and is itself dwarfed by the giant Andean mountain range around
it. One of the poorer countries in South America it should be an
interesting place.

Food – Empandas

Empanadas are cheese, meat or shellfish pastries filled with tamales and cooked
in corn husks. These meat dishes are often hot and spicy.

Exercise – Walking in the highest capital city in the world

Due to the height of the city people often have difficulty adjusting. My exercise
routine will simply be walking the steep streets of this unique

Peru – Cuzco

High in the Andes I visited Cuzco two years ago. An amazing place with some
of the friendliest people I have ever met. It is within striking
distance of Machu Picchu.

Local food – Llamas and guinea pig

They may be cute and fluffy but the people of Peru love to eat llamas and guinea
pig. I will give it a try though will keep thoughts of my old hamster
out my mind to get me through.

Exercise – None

With sights like the one below and New years eve celebrations there will
not be time for exercise and who cares when you can visit one of
the world’s great tourist attractions.


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