Rugby fitness training – Off season focus.

The off-season is the time to dedicate your total focus to improving fitness. It is the few months of the year when your are free from knocks and bruises. This means you are able to focus entirely on developing your performance levels. Any off season programme should be focusing on the main requirements for performance. This can be separated into;

Gym work

In the gym you can develop your slow speed and fast speed strength. You can also gain muscle, increase core strength and rehabilitate injuries.

Track work

On the track you can develop your speed, acceleration and anaerobic fitness. You can work on increasing your speed endurance as well as working on your agility skills. Fast speed strength can be developed through plyometrics.

Aerobic conditioning

Form the base upon which all else is built through a well designed aerobic conditioning routine. Varying from steady pace runs to special endurance drills mimicking the demands of an actual match.

Posture and rehabilitation

If you posture is out or you are carrying injuries the off season is a great time to reshape your body as you are not in pain from the collisions experienced during contact.

If you want to maximize your gains this off season through addressing the areas above then consider doing one of my programmes:

Rugby performance programme

Transform your rugby performance by working directly with myself. I will teach and motivate you to use the most effective techniques available as used by the professionals. This will give you the cutting edge to your play and allow you to progress within your club and beyond.

The programme gives you access to all the techniques the professional players have at their disposal. This includes identifying your unique nutritional requirements, having a conditioning programme designed specifically for your needs and also teaching you about the key mental techniques to take your level of play to new heights.

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Rugby nutrition for optimal performance

If you want great results you must have your training programme backed up by eating the exact foods you body needs. this varies greatly between different people.

Metabolic typing is the most advanced nutrition system in the world aimed at discovering your unique nutritional needs. Used by the England rugby team as well as the all blacks many other professional teams are taking this system on board.

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Rugby fitness training: A twelve month conditioning programme

The ultimate book on rugby fitness written by myself. It covers all the fundamentals of exercise and training to boost your performance. In depth and comprehensive you will never view your training in the same way again after reading and using this book.

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