Hunger is a clear sign from the body that it wants something. It is not a sign of weakness, poor will power or something to fight against as many people mistake it for. What hunger gives you is a good indicator of whether the foods you are giving your body is what it needs.

Too many people battle hunger as they follow a ‘healthy’ diet. The persistent hunger feelings or need to eat shows that the meals you are giving the body is not exactly what it needs

After eating we should not feel hungry for at least 3-4 hours if you have consumed the right foods in the right amounts. If you experience hunger within this time frame, more specifically with two hours of eating you have not provided the body with the nutrients it desires.

Ideal fuel mix.

Using metabolic typing it is easy and enjoyable to find the exact foods your body needs. Once there, it is then necessary to discover the right amount of protein, carbohydrates and fat needed within each meal. This is different for each person.

To do this you can play an experimental game of food portions until you find the right amount that satisfies you. It is easy to discover this when you know your metabolic type and allows you to take control of food forever afterwards.

Using the above guide you will soon become used to actually noting these feelings. At this point you have one of the most powerful techniques for control over your nutrition. When negative feeling are felt after a meal e.g. feeling hungry just 45 minutes after eating it is a clear sign from the body. Maybe it is saying I need more fat, more carbohydrates, more protein ………or a different type of protein etc.

Ignoring your hunger signs and all other negative reactions post meal is the worst thing you can do nutritionally as the body is unable to extract effectively the energy from foods within the cells even if the food you are eating is ideal for your body.

A way to avoid hunger which many people use is to eat very large portions to totally override the body as it takes a while to process and digest. Though this may keep hunger at bay it is not an effective way to be healthy as invariably many other negative reactions are given off and the cells are unable to effectively process the energy. A classic example of this is seen in many people who have to eat a large bowl of cereal to keep them from getting hungry in the morning. This is simply covering up for the fact that the cereal does not provide all the nutrients the body actually needs.


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