An example of a Metabolic typing diet plan.

A metabolic typing diet plan is a graded system listing how each and every food will influence your body. It tells you exactly what foods to eat to lose weight, improve your energy and optimize your health. Metabolic typing is so important because the foods that will give these amazing benefits are different for all of us.

The key to sports nutrition, weight loss and rugby performance is to work out the exact foods that will make you healthy. A healthy body will naturally and effortlessly lose fat and improve energy and muscle growth. This will lead to improved rugby performance.

The metabolic typing analysis is 150 questions looking at various traits within your body. After computer analysis which cross references your data with over 30 years of research it reveals exactly how you body is behaving along the autonomic nervous system and oxidation system within the body. This allows classification of your dominant metabolic type. The science aside what this means s you will know exactly which foods will make you gain weight and which will let you lose weight. so many of my clients are surprised to find the foods they are eating the majority of the time often end up being the ones they need to substitute with another enjoyed alternative.

For ease of use each player receives a colour coded food chart. These vary greatly from one person to the next and the following two examples show some stark difference from one set of nutritional needs to the other. Please note how the foods are graded from best from for your body (Green) to worst for your body (Red). it is not as simple case of good or bad but a sliding scale.

Compare the differences between these two diet plans by seeing how the colour grade of each food changes between plans. These are two plans amongst six possible ones you can be classified along

The snippets of each plan show the possible contrast between different nutritional needs and thus represent why you may not have achieved your goals so far. Metabolic typing is the most powerful sports nutrition system in the world. It is used by the all blacks and a number of premiership teams.

The fact the foods are graded means you no longer have to think good or bad but instead try to eat as many good foods as possible while reducing the worst ones. This removes the guess work and allows you to relax about eating once more.

Please do not try and follow any of the above recommendations as they only work for people of that metabolic type. To discover your metabolic type then please sign up for the Rugby nutrition course.


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