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About me - Ben Wilson

I am a conditioning coach and author. In 2005 I wrote the book Rugby fitness training: A twelve month conditioning programme. This book covers every aspect of training and teaches you techniques in training program design.

I have worked with rugby players in the UK and around the world to help them achieve their goals. I specialise in working with amateur level and semi professional athletes. I give them the tools their professional athlete counterparts have access to.

I was fitness coach for the Swedish National Rugby team and I provided Northland's Province in Fiji their fitness plans in what turned out to be their best ever finish in the Farebrother Cup (Read more>>). I have helped numerous players earn money from rugby and many of the players I have worked with have won awards within their clubs.

I was very quiet on the Rugby scene from 2008 - 2011 as I worked on writing a book on the mind and motivation of weight loss - Change Your Thinking, Change Your Shape. I was also building a new system of personal training which included nutrition and behaviour change (See more>>)

Since 2012 I have come back into the rugby arena once again helping people achieve their rugby ambitions.



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