Rugby fitness training – Metabolic typing

Metabolic typing is the science used to identify your unique and individual nutritional requirements. These can vary greatly from one person to the next.

When you eat in accordance with your specific nutritional needs you will find you recover from training faster, build muscle more easily and get better results from the efforts you put into each training session.

Eating in accordance with metabolic typing is the perhaps the single biggest health measure you can take. It will allow you to attain your body fat level goals and greatly improve your overall health.

Metabolic typing tells you

• What to eat
• How much to eat
• What not to eat
• All other issues surrounding foods

To make these recommendations the science of Metabolic Typing has been rapidly developing from the pioneering work of many scientists throughout the last fifty years. Metabolic Typing recognizes that there are ten fundamental control systems within the human body. Each of these systems determines the way the chemical reactions occur within you.

What to Eat?

It is the influence of the main two control systems that determines which foods your body needs. All my clients undergo a Metabolic Typing test which reveals where their body lies upon these two systems. This directs us to the nutrition plan that will tell us the exactly the nutrients your body requires and which foods will provide these.

How Much to Eat?

We all have a unique and specific amount of food to eat that allows the body to effectively utilize energy. When you eat the right foods in the right ratios of protein, carbohydrates and fat you will experience a sense of high energy and mental focus while avoiding food cravings, energy drops or loss of concentration. To discover the right amounts I coach my clients to tune into their bodies and find the answers out for themselves.

What Not to Eat?

It is essential any foods that you may be intolerant to are removed from your diet, until the body can handle such sources again. Food intolerances are very common and undermine all efforts to be healthy by draining the resources of the immune system.

The Metabolic Typing test also looks at the pattern of how you store fat on your body. I am sure you have noticed how some people store fat all over, on their hands, face etc while others just on their stomach. There are other characteristic patterns and these are signs of differences within the glands inside the body, e.g. thyroid, adrenal etc. This then relates to certain foods that, if eaten in excess over a prolonged period can exhaust your glands causing fat storage and poor health.

Finally, metabolic typing allows you to use the influences of your blood type to avoid certain foods that can cause problems for each blood type. Please note that Metabolic Typing is far in advance of the well known, “Eat Right for your Blood Type” book.

Other issues

The research has also covered the effect of all the other issues surrounding nutrition and lifestyle upon the systems within the body, thus allowing us to give even further recommendations to safeguard your health

In summary, Metabolic Typing is the most advanced nutrition system in the world as it is the only one that effectively and accurately classifies the differences seen between people, to answer what, how much and what not to eat. It is the most important and biggest health measure you can take.

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Combining the techniques

Nutrition will optimize the benefits from your training. To increase your maximum ability you must focus upon each of the different training areas. This will raise your athletic potential.

The mains areas to focus upon are agility, sprint training, plyometrics, resistance training, aerobic fitness, core and flexibility. The combination of these based upon your specific needs will produce dramatic results.

Using sports psychology and EFT will allow you to play at a higher percentage of your new found maximum potential. This is the final aspect to optimal performance.


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