Rugby fitness training – Emotional freedom technique (EFT)

To achieve optimum performance it is necessary to unleash the full potential of all your physical abilities.This can only be done by removing the limiting beliefs that affect us all in one way or another in every component of our life.

Emotional freedom technique (EFT), a branch of science called energy psychology combines traditional psychological techniques with a realigning of your electrical system using the meridian points from acupuncture.

This combination, which works by using statements to tune the mind into an issue and tapping with your fingers on the meridian points produces subtle yet significant changes in the electrical pattern of the body. This change removes negative thought patterns, beliefs and behaviors to produce sensational results and effects on performance.

How does it work?

it works because the human body is a complex system of electrical signals and vibrations. It is seen that all negative beliefs, thoughts and feeling are associated with a disturbed electrical pattern within the body. To remove these it is therefore necessary to realign the associated electrical system rather than address the underlying thoughts. This can be done by tapping with your fingers and using other techniques on the meridian points (ends of the electrical paths along the body).

Why does it work?

it works because every single action we take must be processed through our subconscious before we do it. On the playing field it is these beliefs that shape how you perform.

if you believe that tackling hurts you will not be the best tackler in the team, if you think that you are slow you will not go on the outside. Other examples include fears of certain players, positions in the game, beliefs you are not good enough to do something, the deep down feeling you are going to miss this kick.

Slumps in form, which every player goes through at some point is a sign of a reversed electrical system. This is also shown when a player performs very badly in one particular aspect of their game compared to the others. This needs to be re aligned to get over this problem. Your body may do this naturally over time or can be hurried along by these techniques.

Using EFT negative beliefs can be removed, the slumps reversed and improvements in performance will occur often quickly and effortlessly. EFT is a powerful technique, not just for sports performance but other aspects of your life too. A life time skill to learn.

If you would like to learn about how to use EFT yourself check out my Rugby courses.

Combining the techniques

Using sports psychology and EFT will allow you to play at a higher percentage of your maximum ability. To increase your maximum ability you must focus upon each of the different training areas. This will raise your athletic potential.

The mains areas to focus upon are agility, sprint training, plyometrics,resistance training, aerobic fitness, core and flexibility. The combination of these based upon your specific needs will produce dramatic results.

To optimize the benefits from training any conditioning routine must be backed up by nutrition. The most effective sports nutrition system in the world is metabolic typing. It is used by many professional teams. It is based on discovering your unique nutritional needs.


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