As you know from reading this newsletter my belief is that to get good at rugby you probably need to spend 90-95% of your time and effort working on rugby fitness. More specifically, your weakest fitness elements.

Most players though prefer to pick their favourite fitness element (usually what they are best at) then focus just on skills development. I get this, Rugby skills are fun to do.

A basic skill most players do not have is fully developed is their side step. The side-step tree is an exercise to focus on this element. It works developing the eight different types of basic side step.

Many people are surprised to see so many side step variations. This is exactly why you need to do it. If you are a coach then using this will expose some huge weaknesses within your players. This explains  why so few players can beat an opponent one on one.

Take a look at the video of how to perform the side step tree. There is a simple progression method to both the types of side steps used and the environment of the drill where they are performed.

This is a really fun exercise to do, if put amongst a rugby fitness or sprints session then it really adds to your game without taking emphasis away from physical development.

This is a small segment of the module on team training. It is from the course – “The Fitness Victory Formula“. Designed for Rugby Coaches looking for that edge to help their team win more games. This video is about side stepping and the side step tree.


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