Rugby nutrition for optimal performance course

The course last five weeks and is conducted by email and telephone if
necessary. All aspects of nutrition are covered within the programme:

  • You will undergo the advanced level metabolic typing test which gives you a complete nutrition plan detailing exactly what foods your body needs. (See below).

  • Coaching to discover the exact amount of food you need at each meal.
  • A list of the foods most likely to cause you to store fat
  • Investigation of possible food allergies.
  • The truth behind Supplements and what you really need.

Once the main elements are put in place you will see quicker recovery
times from training with improved ability to gain muscle and increase
fitness. When eating what your body requires you will find body
fat will drop and overall energy and well being increase.

Eating correctly for your metabolic type will dramatically improve your
training results and therefore your on field performance.

How much does it cost?

The price to dramatically improve your rugby performance is affordable
by all.
The amount of money players waste on protein shakes, other supplements, drinking, cars, expensive junk food, sky tv etc is vast.

Why train so hard when you don’t get a full return from your training
because your nutrition is not right. It is vital you discover your
metabolic type:

  • The price to get the best results from your training efforts is

    5 weekly installments of £19.99

That is £19.99 for five weeks which totals £99.95.

For more information feel free to contact me by email





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