Power Nutrition for Rugby

This is for people who are already following a training plan (such as in your Free Rugby Fitness Training Guide) who want to accelerate results.

When you train you provide a stimulus for your internal body chemistry. If the exercise was done correctly you will react by increasing muscle size, strength, fitness or dropping body fat. The magnitude by which you respond to your training is influenced by how strong your internal body chemistry may be. The biggest influence on this internal strength is the food you put into your system.

The Power Nutrition for Rugby System identifies what foods will accelerate muscle growth, optimise fitness recovery and strip body fat. These power foods will vary from person to person. This is because any two players can have greatly different nutritional needs, because we are different from each other, e.g. you may see a 6 foot 8 and a 5 foot 3 player on the field at the same time.

To find out the foods that provide power to your body chemistry the Power Nutrition programme uses Metabolic Typing with special considerations for the demands of Rugby. This 150 question Test will be emailed to you. The results of the test will provide you with a diet plan to follow. You will also have a results guide, audio recordings and videos to guide you through the results.


 Power Nutrition for Rugby – £99.95


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