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Aerobic training session

When it comes to fitness training the average rugby player is usually pretty week on their aerobic fitness because of undue time spent drinking or working on their biceps if they do train. Try this quick but effective combined intervals session. Keep the time to a maximum of 15 minutes and focus on intensity (speed) over going on for longer.

Perform the session on a Treadmill or outside

       Time          Intensity
1 -
4 minutes - Steady jog
4 – 5 minutes – Fast jog
5 – 6 minutes – Slow jog
6 – 7 minutes - Fast jog
7 - 8 minutes – Slow jog
8 – 9 minutes – Fast jog
9 - 10 minutes – Walk
10 - 11 minutes – Sprint
11 - 12 minutes – Walk
12 – 13 minutes - Sprint
13 – 14 minutes - Walk
14 – 15 minutes – Sprint.

At the end of the workout you should have done a 4 minutes warm up jog, three fast jog intervals with two slower interval in between and three fast paced sprints with two minutes of walking. Enjoy the session but remember any training plan becomes redundant after 4 weeks of following it.

You can learn more about applying these principles in my Optimal rugby performance E-book programme or through my rugby performance course which will transform your physique and rugby abilities.



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