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Your speed on a rugby field is based upon a combination of factors. These involve strength, running technique as well fatigue factors. The following equation will determine...


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Welcome to Rugby Fitness Training. I am Ben Wilson, I am a conditioning coach and the author the book “Rugby Fitness Training:A Twelve Month Conditioning Programme”

This website will help you improve your fitness on the rugby field as a player or improve that of your team if you are a rugby coach. The methods I use are drawn from a variety of different areas. I send out regular articles and videos to help you improve your rugby.

American Football vs Rugby

This month Christian Wade signed on with the Buffalo Bills for pre-season training. It will be a very interesting to see how he progresses as he tries to make it in American Football. So what will be the differences between the two sports? One of the immediate...

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Body Weight Strength Exercises

The Six Nations is all set for an exciting conclusion this Saturday! You cannot watch a match and fail to notice how big and fit everyone on the rugby field is at professional level.  While all full time rugby players lift weights it is a misconception that this is...

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Rugby Drill – Side Step Tree

As you know from reading this newsletter my belief is that to get good at rugby you probably need to spend 90-95% of your time and effort working on rugby fitness. More specifically, your weakest fitness elements. Most players though prefer to pick their favourite...

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Safer Alternative To Squats

There are many exercises you can use to get stronger but one of the most common is a squat. A great exercise which loads the whole kinetic chain from your ankles to your upper spine. It greatly develops the strength through your lower body focusing on the thighs and...

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Old School Fiji Rugby Training

In this day and age fitness gimmicks are all the rage and often people train as much to look good on social media as anything else. I stumbled on a great video of Fiji using some old school rugby fitness methods. While the science of athletic preparation and rugby...

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Team Strength Training

Rugby is a strength sport. Stronger athletes are faster, push with more force and dominate their opponents. Like most areas of rugby conditioning it is poorly applied by most coaches. Strength training is fairly simple – Do an exercise that induces fatigue between 1 –...

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