The Speed Formula

Your speed on a rugby field is based upon a combination of factors. These involve strength, running technique as well fatigue factors. The following equation will determine...
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Welcome to Rugby Fitness Training. I am Ben Wilson, I am a conditioning coach and the author the book “Rugby Fitness Training:A Twelve Month Conditioning Programme”

This website will help you improve your fitness on the rugby field as a player or improve that of your team if you are a rugby coach. The methods I use are drawn from a variety of different areas. I send out regular articles and videos to help you improve your rugby.

Home Strength Exercises

I am up here in Wales and have been using a local gym for my workouts. I love gyms, always have and always will. However, many people do not have the desire, time or access to get to the gym. The great news is that you do not need them to be a monster on the rugby...

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Fitness Q & A

This Week/s Q&A Looked at weight loss pills, sugar and fat loss, Jordan Petersen, best glute exercises and more.   *********************************************** For support, training plans or simply to ask a question please contact me....

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Victory Formula – Agility Technique

Take a look at this video which is small segment of the agility module in the Fitness Victory Formula. One of the big errors made in agility training is forgetting that your speed is based upon a sound...

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The 4 Types of Tackler – Rugby Fitness Training

Tackling is one of the most important elements of the game. While a bone crunching tackle makes a great video on You Tube the reality is missed tackles get you far more noticed in a rugby match and obviously not for the right reasons! As a player you will instantly...

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The First Step In Sprinting – Rugby Fitness Training

Take a look at this video which is a small segment of the sprint training module in the Fitness Victory Formula. Sprint speed is as much about technique as it is about physical conditioning. To have quicker athletes they need to be stronger and fitter but the biggest...

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Plyometric Exercises To Do – Rugby Fitness Training

The following exercises are simple to do and could be done before rugby training if warmed up, during a weights session or after practice However you do them if you consistently add jumps into your plan then you will begin to make improvements in your speed. If you...

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